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(no subject) [Jul. 20th, 2010|10:12 pm]
Totally keen with doing nothing lately. wreck beach almost everyday. Yesterday went for sushi and bumped into Jaime, that was rad, and chilled in a park in new west and was so content with just chilling. Dunno. guess i gotta reconsider my lifestyle. dont know where to start
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(no subject) [Jul. 14th, 2010|09:28 pm]
Last night played Mario HAHA.
Got to hang out with Craig while his buddies jammed, had hamburger time (figure of speech, and real edible ones too), hot tubbed, it was an excellent night. Those wolfX puppies he has are CUTE AS FUCK.

Hung out with Kristi and Jaime today. got my tattoo finally finished. The BAD TRIP one. It looks sweet. its blue and yellow. ill post pics when its healed.

Kristi got a tarot card reading. it was very interesting to witness. also the guy gave me a card, and it pretty much told me i needed to back away from a large group right now, and use different resources to get ahead. and to communicate and say whats on my mind, or else people wont know what im talking about (as in they are not mind readers, i need to be more clear).
and i got to see her place that is near cmomercial drive;. its so pretty. her room is the most beautiful shade of turquoise. Zyprexa the corn snake is getting massive. and less feisty, yay, maybe his shitty attitude was just a phase.
Drank starbucks :3 fail white chocolate mocha

ohhh i gotta get started on the books that she lent me. very excited.

-Look up supplies we need for tie dying. on internet, also go to art/craft store and ask them about how to do it. or unlss you think we can get fabric dye at walmart, i just dunno which is a GOOD reliable legit brand yknow?
-get more hemp to make more stuff.
-boots / and or skirts/ and tights photoshoot
-walk on quay
-gotta help Jaime move at the end of month ;x

hmmmmm I boguht some pretty sweet clothes todya. longgggg zebra print skirt. gangster colorful hoodie. and a tank top thats colorful and matches my hair.

i get my snakes abck tommorrow hopefully.
dude on a bus said my hair looked like a technicolor mushroom trip ; made my day XD

playland this saturday hopefully
Kristis bday in a week; hurray
shambala in a couple of weeks

its gettnig moar and moar difficult to gather my thoughts recently. i feel like im so lost, fading away. that sound dramatic and lame.

I love wandering down Hastings street and checking out all the little side stores. I walked into this pawn shop looking store, with two older guys sitting on the chairs who seemed to own it. they were listening to old rock or something. well this store, didn't seem like a store. it seemed like a huge storage space. everything was chaotic and disorganized and stacked on top of one another. getting certain things out of the bottom of the stacks of junk seemed impossible. ther was no room to walk or move around LOL. no price tags. fuckin weird man. drug operation.
So I pull this dress out of a pile of junk, a red vintagey pin up dress that had white polkadots. i ask him how much. one guy jokes and says $200. then the other guy falters, he hesitates and says that one isnt for sale, and that he is saving it for a girl he likes. It was a WTF moment indeed.
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(no subject) [Jul. 13th, 2010|03:17 pm]
I met Gidgets roomies at her new place, and one of them was like YOU LOOK LIKE YOU BELONG ON THAT HACKERS MOVIE,(cuz of my goggles) i was like Lol! made me happy
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(no subject) [Jul. 13th, 2010|12:55 am]
im drunk, sunburnt, and emotionally unavailable right now
The beach was fucking epic, it is every time we go. the sun kept hiding behind these cluods, and would only come out for like a minute, and then go behind the clouds. but when the sun finally came out from behind the clouds, all of the wreck beach occupants cheered. it was great HAHAHA.

Me and Gidget stood in the waves for a bit, and we jumped into them as they came towards us. so fun. they were some righteous waves man. ive never seen waves that big at Wreck before. it was like almost Tofino style. there were actually people surfing. The water was warmish, and the sun was godly.
kinda wanna get like, a tent and try to sell tie dyed shirts and hemp necklaces and other like vintage tshirts there. home made shit, trinkets, etc. i think we can break even!!!! that would be epic.

I have synth dreads now. theyre all different colors.

had soem drunk shenanigans
bought a horse head mask at this fabric store that has a bunch of halloweenish shit. so fucknig creepy. Miek randomly wears it in public and its awesome.
We were wasted and went on chat roulette, and Mouse was wearing the horse head mask, and people were like WHAT THE EFFING FUCK>?!>!?!>!>
we got some screen shots of their reactions too . funniest shit ever.

Summertime, lying on my trampoline with pillows and blankets, lookin at the cluods at night

went to central park by mieks place and drunkenly played on the playground
jager bombs

thats all i remembver for now
my tattoo appointment after tomorrow to finish coloring my BAD TRIP.. jaimes getting her orchids coloring completed. playland this weekend.

got my shambhala ticket... holy shit im broke. ;D

i want a car like this

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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2010|11:22 am]
Just lost one of my best friends, for fucking no reason.

VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
might as well
Anyone my opinion doesn't really matter
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
as I'm just being a dick anyway

i know, whats up with that
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
menopause acting up
hot flashes
k well if you actually want t hang out or talk, im here
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
but dont relaly appreciate this shit
like i know youre going through a hard time, but what are you accomplishing by taking it out on other ppl
seriously bro
like what did i ever do to you?
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
it's not what you did to me
its what i did to curt then?
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
It doesn't matter
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
I told you before, I'm bad with friends
i suppose you have every right to be pissed at me
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
I'm not pissed
I find it to be pretty lulzy
if you ask me
i dunno, you were a good fucking friend until recently, i should have realized that i wasnt anything special and that youd do it to me eventually
like you wont even explain anything
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
thanks for the necklaces

you can burn them, its cool
i dont get it man, like do you wanna talk?
or do you just wanna troll me for no reason?
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
I like the second option
why though
i guess if it legitimately makes you feel better. i must have done SOMETHING to piss you off. and you wont really be straightforward so im not going to walk on eggshells trying to get it outta ya.
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
No no
Like, honestly
i just dont understand what the fuck you want
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
You haven't done anything to make me angry
Like, personally
then what
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
youre just saying fuck everyone?
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
friends are intangible
they come and go
i know. people change. thats fine
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
don't take it personal
I've been doing it to everyone
you used to not do it to me
i wonder what broke the straw, yknow?
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
it was me
why though
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
because trolling people is lulzy
it gets old after awhile, trust me
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
By then I'll be old
i guess ill let you do whatever you want, you can delete me if you really lost interest in me, but while we were close, shit was fun and you still are one of my favorite people. i seriously wont forget you. your hilarity and i dunno.
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
thats nice
yeah i guess your a pretty cool guy
bye dude
VitĀLਝBeachৱ Doing drugs with Lindsay Lohan says:
doesn't afraid of anything

then i sent him a message
youre gonna get sick of pushing people away man, being lonely sux after awhile

him:That is something I'm willing to endure.
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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2010|03:40 am]
i fucked up and i lost the best thing in the world, fuu
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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2010|12:06 am]
Wreck beach was pretty fabulous, as per usual
passed out in the sun
i wrote CUNT on mouse with sunscreen and it looks awesome
me Mouse Curt and Miek all got sunburnt to shit
Saw Jaime for a bit, had girl time AHHA. shes gonna give me dreads tomorrow. ill be sure to post pics!
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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2010|04:51 pm]
I had a pretty DOPE last few days hanging out with some rad ppl. Me valycemiek craig and edmo went to zee beach. caught some rays N shite. creepy hindu man kept offering us shots. got super dupe drunk.

Bons, MDMA' videogasmes, watched The ROOM HOLY SHIT,

idunno, drugs seeped most of my personality. ven =gone


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(no subject) [Jun. 27th, 2010|11:15 pm]
Just got back from Surreypalooza, best week-long-camoping extravaganza evar!

Im still dee-runk, moar later
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(no subject) [Jun. 21st, 2010|01:34 pm]
This past week has been crazy and full of epic adventures. First I got to see MOUSE because he showed up at my doorstep with his Delorean (i like to pretend its a Delorean, its actually an 87 Nissan Pulsar that I got him)

Got to see Miek and Valyce, fuck i missed them so <3 and went to a bonfire

I went to a show last night with Madison and Curtis. JEffree Star, Blood on The Dance Floor, Brokencyde (ew) and ... some other band. It was AMAZING! i boguht a BOTDF T shirt.
we were fucking right up in the front for like the whole show. but we left when Brokencyde came on cuz they suck.

So many scene kids. it was all ages hahaha.
"Denver Max

We went and got a 6 pack and wernt into the alley and chugged it. Behind the Rickshaw we saw BOTDF :) we were like SUP. *harasses*
and in the line up, emos gave us the rest of their vodka, and mcdonalds cup full of alcohol and someone gave me their wine. cuz i was like SUP WHO NEEDS HELP FINISHING THEIR ALCOHOL BEFORE THEY GET INTO THE SHOW?

YES FOR MADISON BEING SO MUCH TALLER THAN THE 13 YEAR OLDS! Catching like 95% of the merch they threw into the crowd ftw
we touched lead singer of BOTDF and got a pic with him! and Madison got the back up singer from BOTDF SHIRT fuck yeah.

i boguht a jeffree star wristband that says FAGGOT ahahaha
Madison caught the back up singer from BOTDF's shirt!!! but everybody was fighting over it and ripped it. some dude was trying to get it from madison so i bit his arm really hard, but it didnt phase him. i was like FUu
Madison got a free wristband thing and a dinosaur and shirt and lots of waterbottles

I had an amazing dream that i stole a really nice warm jacket
and that i went skiing while someone pulled me behind a vehicle. also that i went water skiing
and that they had this new thing where it was this delicious icing that you could dip the Tim Hortons Honey Crullers into. it was so fucking good.
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(no subject) [Jun. 15th, 2010|01:58 am]
Igot kicked out from Katimavik :( BAaaaaaaw

Before this, they kicked a dude out for violence. and then another dude out for threats.

They kicked out 3 people tonight. all of the loud obnoxious ones.

i dunno, i didnt even do anything. It was a series of little petty events. Like the authorities overhearing that I called some Project Coordinator a cunt because she was ridiculously rude to me at parliament. It was Zach and I being mildly vulgar (TO EACHOTHER, not anyone else). It was us being loud. It was me and Zach having a dough fight and me gettnig a CTI for not cleaning the carpet well enough after. It was them threatening to give me a CTI for not folding my clothes. It was me sending Zach a phone text saying "fuck you" when he ratted me out, and he told my project coordinator and she used it against me. It was my apparent shitty attitude.
it was Alison saying that she would be really angry if her laptop got ruined, and she made a vulgar comment about it and someone complained. And calling the project coordinator a douchebag.

My hair is purple now. :D
NOTHING EVEN RIDICULOUSLY BAD HAPPENED. I am just in fucking disbelief. But yknow what? The first time I met Guillame I knew that he wanted to find reasons to get me the fuck out of Katimavik. I felt it. And i was right.

I dunno im really disoriented and in shock too.

nothign bad ass though. Although we did habitually get shitfaced in the Katimavik Building repeatedly. I got drunk for the past 3 nights.
And me and a chick in my group did do lines in a conference room in our building.

And getting dwasted in the laundry roomwas fun.

So was smoking weed in the side of the building.

Ironically they never caught onto any of that.

it was a good experience.

had a good chat with Slik and ANgus and they dont seem to mind me coming back home


i wish i co uld have completed it, i am pretty disappointed in myself

but seriously, some bizarre circumstances. like i was NOT expecting to get kicked out.

No I told a lot of people about what you did I am sure it was an awesome experience sorry it became more challenging towards the end

I guess they pushed you to your limits too bad for them they lost on a good helping and funnn hands

it was definitely an awesome experience. i only had 8 and a half weeks left, goddamn, yknow? BUt i got to see mroe of the world. And it was excellent even though it was cut short.
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(no subject) [Jun. 8th, 2010|09:09 pm]
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(no subject) [Jun. 8th, 2010|08:40 pm]
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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2010|01:11 pm]
Eating pancakes with peanutbutter and maple syrup. life good
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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2010|12:51 pm]
It's the caffeine, the nicotine, the milligrams of tar
It's my habitat, it needs to be cleaned, it's my car
It's the fast talk they use to abuse and feed my brain
It's the cat box it needs to be changed, it's the pain
It's women, it's the plight for power it's government
It's the way your given knowledge slow with thought control and subtle hints
It's rubbing it, itching it, It's applying cream
It's the foreigners sight seeing with high beams, It's in my dreams
It's the monsters that I conjure, It's the marijuana
It's the embarassment, displacement, It's where I wander
It's my genre, It's Madonna's videos
It's game shows, its cheap liquor,blunts, its bumper stickers with rainbows
It's angels, demons, gods, it's the white devils
It's the monitor, the soundman, it's the motherfucking mic levels
It's gas fumes, fast food, Tommy Hil, mommy's pill
Columbia House music club, designer drugs and rhyming thugs
It's bloods, cripts, fives, six,
It's stick up kids, It's christian conservative terrorists, it's porno
It's the east coast, no it's the west coast
It's public schools, it's asbestos
It's metholated, It's techno
It's sleep, life, and death
It's speed, coke, and meth
It's hay fever, pain relievers, oral sex, and smokers breath
It stretches for as far as the eye can see
It's reality, fuck it , it's everything but me
On and on and on and on
The list goes on and on and on and on
The list goes on and on and on and on
The list goes on and on and on and on
It's in the water, it's in the air, it's in the meat
It's indirect, indiscrete, it's inconsistent, incomplete
It's in the streets, every city everywhere you go
In every man it's the insanity, the fantasies, the casualties
It's the health care system, it's welfare victims
It's assault weapons, it's television religion, and it's false lessons
It's cops, police, pigs with badges guns and sticks
It's harassment and a complex you carry when you're running shit
It's wondering, if you get to eat, it's the heat,
It's the winter , the weather
It's herpes, and it's forever
It's the virus that takes the lives of the weak and the strong
It's the drama that keeps on between me and my seed's mom
It's that need to speek long, It's the hunger for attention
It's the wack , who attack songs of redemption
It's prevention, It's the first solution
It's loose its out for retribution, it's mental pollution, and public
It's the nails that keep my hands and feet to these boards
It's the part time job that governs what you can afford
It's the fear, It's the fake
It's clear it can make time stop and leave you stranded in the year of
It's the dollar, yen, pound, it's all denominations
It's hourly wages for your professional observations
It's on your face and it's in your eyes
everything you be
cuz it ain't me mother fucker, cuz it ain't me
On and on and on and on
the list goes on and on and on and on
the list goes on and on and on and on
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I may be easy to hate, but youre so fucking easy - (easy to break) [Jun. 4th, 2010|04:10 pm]
Isabel a lady who i work for, gave me rhubarb today! im going to try to make strawberry rhubarb pie. I saw a red fox on the way home! SO CUTE! made my day

A bunch of us got in a lot of shit for having a shitty attitude while we were visiting the parliament (government building thing) in Ottawa. I couldnt help it, it was the most boring shit I have ever experienced in my life. I got in trouble for being like " i suck the cock and i bought some crack cocaine;;à
Okay so edit, Zach stole the keyboard and typed that for me
but that pretty much summed up what we were saying. we kept saying obnoxious shit very loudly. Also everybody was playing a game in the Katima-van on the way back home, and the Project coordinator was the driver and Gabby our project leader was in the front. we assumed they werent listening. anyways Zach says something like ÈWOULD YOU RATHER.. and then says 2 not-so-great things and you have to pick one. So like he got in trouble for talking about shoving things in peoples asses. but the Project coordinator who was apparently eavesdropping on our conversation was like, not even saying anything. apparently he complained after. and its like Why the fuck didnt you address the issue in the first place you passive aggressive faggot?
also some people were calling some authoritative ladies there cunts AHHAAHHA.they were such cunts to us though.
i hate easily offended people.

Ill admit, you guys that arer close with me know that i have a bad attitude for a lot of things. Does anybody have any advice on how to change it? a lot of us feed off of others negativity and its like this circle of epic hate. my spirits were just so dampened this past week. i dont agrere with a lot of the shit we have to do. although work was great, i got to sit in the sunshine and design art decorative shit for the day camp and listen to my tunes.

okay so i wanna dye my hair.. and i cant find the special fx cupcake pink, i was gonna do that and yellow, but its fail. i can only find punky color. ive been contemplating the purple. I dunno why. i just want color damnit. Aklso were not allowed to dye our hair in the katimahouse cuz they are paranoid about us fucking everything up and staining everything. so im gonna bring buckets of water and do it at the park and rinse it. HAHA

Went for an epic bike ride and bought some really cute clothes. and its so warm at night here. summer nights. one side of my headphones stopped working. they are duct taped to shit . i bought some board shorts and tank tops and short shorts. and a black shirt with spraypaint cans and neon splattery shit all over it, its dope.é

found some cool new bands like Hyper Crush and Hadouken! and Hollywood Undead im really into. And downloaded Sickology by Tech n9ne, i really love a few songs in that one. àà

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(no subject) [May. 27th, 2010|08:21 pm]
Okay so update on my adventures.

My Katimavik group ended up having their de-briefing camp which involved us taking a school bus to the middle of ass fuck nowhere, also known as Elliot Lake. We met the Elliot Lake katimavik group and they were fucking AWESOME. Ive never met a funnier bunch. Also i was enthralled right away cuz they were all decked out in tie dye shirts, which they tie dyed themselves. SO DOPE!\

Anyways we stayed at this camp place that was like a building,and everybody slept in the hall but boys had to be on one side and girls had to be on the opposite side LOL. we slept in sleeping bags on these matressess.
Also we piled a bunch of mattresses outside and jumped into them. And chilled in a kiddie pool cuz it was so damn HOT,
got to swim in a lake. We took tarps and spammed dishwashing soap on them and water from the hose, and made a slip N slide. but then we got dirt and sand on the tarps from our dirty feet, and it ended up being a sandpaper slip and slide. everybody had wounds and road rash on their backs from it LOL.

A bunch of us crowded around Isaacs laptop and watched porn and it was a bonding moment. Also, Jackass 2. So disgusting at some parts. like this guy puts a leech on his balls. and then they put leeches on their eyes. and there was an anaconda ball pit, and they tried to pick up the anaconda and it repeatedly lunged and bit them and they were like gushing blood everywhere.

anyways I met this super cool kid named Isaac, Zeek for short, and hes from Kitchener and we were like tripped out cuz he used to be a painter! and hes got a 64 mustang that hes gonna do bright neon green. we bonded over music and videogames hacky sack and weed. And me and people went frog catching. we ended up catching a couple of frogs (after a LOT of effort) and a toad. I got some pics. He showed me a few cool bands like this Reggae stoner music called EEK-A-MOUSE which is really awesome background music but i have like TONS of it on my ipod now. And Lights which is trippy and poppy but i like it. also Hollywood undead, its like rap screamo but its my new favorite thing because he raps about fucking bitches.
Watched a tech n9ne video and it made me happy that i got to see Tech N9ne before leaving for my travels.
Anyways i told the Elliot Lake group they need to adopt me cuz they are so rad but i think its just because they are new faces and I take my group for granted because ive lived with them for 2 months. i want to do acid with the group and have crazy adventures. Weève had some excellent conversations.
Im pretty on edge right now i think its just from being tired and having a weird time adjusting.

Im exhausted and i just arrived in Drummondville, Quebec yesterday. We left at lioke 7AM on the bus, took a school bus to Sault Ste Marie from Elliot Lake which took like 2 hours. then we caught a plane at Sault Ste Marie to Toronto, Ontario. Then we caught another plane from Toronto, to Montreal. Then at Montreal airport we took a charter bus to Drummondville, and here I am. At the Montreal airport we got to meet 2 other katimavik groups, they were pretty cool. its kinda awkward not knowing much french in a french speaking community that hates english, but its cool
We made a pit stop at mcdonalds and a corner store, and some scene kid that was cashier was just laughign at us cuz we were all in a huge group in the corner store being really tired and we seemed high opr something.
We were all "Where the fuck are we, what city are we in?" and disoriented cuz it was like 12 midnignt
We ended up arriving in Drummonville via charter bus at like 2 AM...

Im pickin up a few things here and there. Im doing good. Traveling all day yesterday, drinking all day didnt help either.

We live on a floor of a bulding... the building is for a bunch of different community shit but we have the floor to ourselves. and then we have access to the other parts of the building after 7PM when its not business hours.
It kinda reminds me of like, dorms.. in college or something. i share a room with 2 chicks, Alison and Jesz. we have our own washroom near our room. i was lucky enough to get the bottom bunk this time (i was sleeping on top last time) and i made a fort. We have 2 goldfish. 1 we dubbed Hitler, but we got in trouble and apparently its name is Cupcake. But he will always be our little Hitler. the other is Jakub (a lame name to name a goldfish, wtf..).

There was a petstore here that had a ferret in a tank with corn cob bedding and like no litter box or any other bedding. its water bowl had debris in it and it really pissed me off. they were also keeping puppies in a tank with wood shavings as the subtrate. i dunno if it was only temporary but i was like D: D: D:
it makes me sad. peopel are so fucking ignorant with pet care.
even the group getting a gold fish and not knowing how to set a tank up, the fact that it doesnt have a pump or a filter or whatever. i tried to tell them but they dont give a damn too much, so i was like alright do whatever you want. im no fish expert but im pretty sure tap water isnt suitable for its bowl. and bowls suck! but theres controversy about that shit, apparently some people say its alright but ive read an article saying that it is not acceptable.

We went to see our possible job placements today. Katimavan broke down (fuuu_) so we had to walk for a very long time in the hot sun, lol. anyways that thing sounded rough, like it needed an oil change. also the breaks werent working so well, so weère thinking break fluid? i dunno, Curt halp? any input&? haha
Lessee we got: daycare, oldfolks home, day camp, thrift store, restaurant etc. The restaurant seemed cool but then they were like You have to take out your piercings. i dont mind doing it, but the fact that im not really getting paid for the work i do kinda makes me discouraged from taking out my piercings and putting them back in everyday. its just inconvenient and discouraging.
but all negativity aside i am excited, we have our job interview things tommorrow to see who goes volunteer at what place.
our new project leader in Quebec is Gabrielle and shes super cool. I miss Trish a lot though.

and Curtis damn i miss you dude.
Some fat ugly bitch tried hitting on him at a camping gathering and that really pissed me off. but im glad he stood up for our relationship. its so hard being away from him and i dont even have minutes for my cell phone. and he doesnt have internet. gah! but he got a job that apparently he likes so im glad.

so far weève checked out a skate shop and a bead store and an army surplus store here.

we might be getting lobster for dinner!

Update: im wearing a neon orange trucker hat sideways ewwwww HAAHHA
theres a bunch of amazing bright neon pink and obnoxiously colored fabric here so im going to violate my patch pants
My whole arm is almost completely covered with hemp bracelets i made. I found a bead store here
We just went shopping and bought a bunch of delicious food .. and vitamins and deoderant and body wash and toothpaste HURRAY!
I feel like im learning so much more french like every day its weird, im catching on, im understanding more and more
Holy shit they sell beer and wine at grocery stores here. theres a 40 oz of 10% beer here for $4.99! AND A 24 PACK OF BEER FOR ONLY $21.00!!! WHATTTTTTTTTTT *dies*
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Edit edit edit [May. 22nd, 2010|01:05 am]
What happened lately:
Went to a wicked car show
Weather has been amazing
Ate candy, watched Rome
im packing for Drummondville, Quebec
Had our farewell party.. My last day at work was today
Life is good!

Miss Curtis and everyone. will update later. xo

There are a lot of lilacs in this town, smells great
Also realized that this town is like 95% white people and im TOTALLY NOT USED TO IT! im used to white people being like 10% minority. crazy
Today me Jesz Arlene walked to the Metro in the hot hot sun, damn it was pretty muggy today. tere were various free samples at the different liquor stores and i actually got kinda drunk off them, kick ass.

We've decided we are having a picnic tomorrow. With cheap sherry ($12 a big bottle of 20% wine). Hopefully it'll be nice out. just trying to take 'er easy and enjoy the Soo before we have to leave for Elliot Lake for our debriefing camp. im nervous to meet one of the other Katimavik groups. apparently they are okay though.
Watched REPO! The Genetic Opera today with Jesz. Cooked, made lasagna and all that crap.
Went to Farmer Bobs and went for a horse wagon ride. got to pet the goats, cows, baby pig!!! and they had little tiny chicks. reminds me of when me and CUrt were gonna get a baby chick together.

I've been nostalgia-ing a lot lately. especially lots of memories of me and Curtis. i hope that we can both survive this suffering of not seeing each other or talking much. =( I get pretty sad about it. ive been kinda stressed out lately. the group kinda bums me out sometimes. everybody has been so PMS-y and bitchy and stressed out about the upcoming travels (Leaving Sault Ste Marie, going to Quebec, having a new project leader and all this shit).
Trish my current project leader wrote me a reference letter and said some cool stuff about me.
also we have pretty fun rides in the Katimavan. Listen to music very loud and shit. get to see new sights.

hehehehehe Edit: Sunday: been drinking sherry all day in the HOT HOT SUN!
just played a game wjere you give the person beside you an imaginary gift. i ended up getting a shop with a bunch of unlimited fabric to make clothes, and hemp and beads to make necklaces and bracelets. also i got a stripper, in a cage. the stripper that kissed me on the cheek at Studio 10 making me go AHHH D: HAHAHAHAH! Her name was Angel and she looked like a transsexual. And from Jesz i got a bong that is in the shape of a snake, and a cool truck that is very trippy brightly colored, so that Curtis could come here and cure my blue balls.
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(no subject) [May. 14th, 2010|02:41 pm]
Just watchwed Crank and now working on Crank 2, fuck those movies are bad ass
Dude i got so piss tanked yesterday.. i bought a 40 oz of BUll Max for $5.25 and im so hungover still. i was up since 4AM... I was drinking beer at dinner. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh god.

I made Meg a cake today for her birthday. a rainbow one.

Life is fucking GREAT!
blasting music and being a house manager .. trying to make perogies. im eating spaghetti.

Quebec soon, im stoked to be on a plane again!
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(no subject) [May. 9th, 2010|06:55 pm]
SUP GUYS we just had a themed dinner and the theme was WEAR UNDERWEAR ON THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR CLOTHES! BAHAH
I just got back from my camping trip! it was soooo fun!
We ended up putting a blanket on the sand and looking up at the stars
And i saw 2 shooting stars!!!

and the sound of the waves was so nice. the next day we went for an epic hike and afterwards we were all so damn tired we all slept on the beach

the sand is so whitish and clean and soft at Pancake Bay... No excessive rocks or wood or anything. found some really cool rocks too!

Lessee, what happened these past few days? On friday we got to spend the last part of the day smashing furniture with a sledgehammer for the woodchipper
-sat on balcony and tanned with jimmy and arlene
-painted jimmy's toenails green NOW WE MATCH bahah
-my blue ipod died for good :( like 4 years later. it served me well though
-curtis got the patch i sent him in the mail. red/green/yellow weed patch
-my billet family took us to a really pretty epic waterfall and took us for icecream. mmm poeanutbutterhccolate
-Got to ride in thre back of their pick up truck, while laying down .. it is so much more fun than sitting in a normal seat. Me Jesz and one of their sons (who is like 10) were laughing the whole time.
-watched Silence of the Lambs for the first time!! and some of The Island

Omg my mom started emailing me. im so glad shes getting the hang of the internet. its soooo trippy to be able to talk to her on the internet. I love it. i love her! happy mothers day mom!
-Watched more of Rome. "No prositutes or unclean tradesmen"
-OMG i smoked weed!!! me and Jesz went on this insane adventure to go for a walk and find a pop can to smoke out of.. cuz we have no one who has a pipe and we didnt wanna buy one. and we only had roaches to smoke. we were trying to fish a pop can out of the dumpster with two sticks and failed. and then we snuck around and finally got a pop can out of the recycling from somehwere. then we sat underneath a tree and tried to be incognito but then we didn't have anything sharp to put holes in the pop can with. so we tried to use a pen but the hole was way too big. and it was just funny., we were failing so hard but finally we got it to work.
after that we watched Drawn Together and Robot Chicken on Jimmys lap[top. sooo funny.
-yay Madison got the letter i sent him
- i got a bunch of really fucking sweet beads!!! so i mgonna start making mor enecklaces

Once in awhile, we do this thing where, Jonny ranodmly lies on the floor for no reason. then Alison says "hey that looks like fun" and joins him. then eventually a bunch of us all decide to lie on the floor ( in the hallway ish) and we talk about dumb shit and for some reason everything is so hilarious and twice as funny, probably the blood rushing to our heads, but we just cant stop laughing about the most insignificant shit
And that is why i love this house and these people
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(no subject) [Apr. 29th, 2010|10:47 pm]
Today is the day, that i have been away from home for exactly 1 month. Feels BAD MAN! But im having a lot of fun. There is a robin that pecks at the window. and it keeps waking me up every morning. i think its senile. cuz all it does is peck and fly into the window over and over again. I passed out at like 6PM today and woke up at 8:45 and now im fucked and not tired. Having a pretty rad conversation with Madison right now.
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(no subject) [Apr. 28th, 2010|05:10 pm]
I painted today. im sooo sunburnt.
Last few days recap:
-Dyed Jesz hair, i touched up her roots, just black. she left the front and underneath part of her hair, her natural color, which is this really cool red. GINGER!!
-watched some sweet movies.. Phantom of the Paradise whcih is a musical. its really fucked up and its got this character named BEEF which is AWESOME. Inglorious Basterds again, Return of the Living Dead, Jeepers Creepers lol. i also watched Clockwork Orange wkith her again awhile ago and that movie kicks ass. i wanna see more 80s horror movies like Childs Play and Silence of the Lambs and shit. Predador. Dolls. anybody recommend anythign?
-had cheese in a can.. chocolate.. cookies. crackers. cheesy dip, salsa, pop tarts, steak cooked on a fancy grill that makes it taste like the keg, beer, beer can chicken, \-
-got to use a hot tub that lights up different colors and has all these fancy jet settings OMG
-my billet family has a leg massager machine thing HAHA
-gym in basement! .. eliptical, bow flex, bosu ball, punching bag, treadmill..
-they have a Chi hairstraightener which is like 250 bucks or more!! its sooo good. i want one so bad now.
-been going to the gym lots, and sweimming
-last friday boughbt sour puss and jesz got vodka and drank with Zach Arlene JimJew
-bought some cute shorts and stole 2 cute shirts from Value village
-went to pet store, checked out reptiles.. made me miss my snakes. saw House geckos and reminded me of Curt. awww. i know my snakes are ikn such good hands with Kristi and Curt though. thank you so much guys again, i oiwe you so much for helping me out
-rode bikes for hours and hours. got lost trying to find my job site. i biked like 13 miles or something... legs hurt so much. at least i had my headphones. they broke but i ghetto-fixed wth electrical tape. wish i had a gps though.
Cufrtis moved into a new place. im really excited for him!!! post pics dude
-they have an epic blender here. i make myself strawberry yogurt banana milk chocolate protein powder milk shakes. so damn delicious
Livin the high life. not a hippy yet. fuck yourself. *gets violent*
havent b een updating cuz awkward using other peopels laptop. ppl try to talk to me, i feel like im hogging the computer and cant hear myself think or GET IN THE ZONE. so scatterbrained so i apologise for my shitty replies and not-so-great entries in point form LOL
Bought another 4 gig memroy card for my cam

So much good dubstep on this ipod. thanks crut.

ive seen a handful of ppl with dreadlocks in this town. i guess its trendy now. im gonna have a tie dye and hemp bracelet work shop in my group HAHAHAHA. fuu

I need adventures with my crew damnit. why cant i be content just doing my own thing and lettnig shit take its course? i worry about you guys, and care, and think too much, and miss.. but seeing you in a couple of months will be new and exciting and 9000 times more fun!!

I can't wait to see everybody once im back. esp Kristi Polak Valyce Mike Curt and Madison<3

me and curt exchanged lists of things we liked about each other cuz i think its cool to reflect. i thought i would post this so i remember it. MEMORIES. /nostalgia fag

-our mutual interests/hobbies, as well as NON mutual keeps it interesting.
-how we dont have to spend every moment together
-our love for fun, warmth and food
-your humor. even your sarcasm sometimes is funny
-how you know how to do so many things
-i admire the way you think and perceive things
-how you are tough! but also have a sensitive side but in a good way
-how you aerent oveerly concerned about appearing manly
-how logiucal you are.. i admire cuz im totally not logical.
-how understanding you can be
-you know me so well, especially the weird little things
-how we finish ewach others thoughts
-how cozy it is sleeping with you.. holy shit dont get me started
-being aware of your surroundings and noticing details.. i remember that one talk you gaVE me about that. appreciating the beauty of little things. do you remember?
-how generous you are
-you are IN THE MOMENT, like me :D
-always busy doinfg something.
-hard worker
-your long eyelashes lol
-how you let me borrow your clothes
-quote from years ago, that you said about me, "NEVER A DULL MOMENT" -- that applies to you too!!
-AN HERO. i fucking love you

super nostalgic
-you asking me out on that mountain
-tripping\-walks on the beach finding pretty rocks
-roof parties, falling asleep on
-msn convos
-soaking up sunshine
-memories of all your turcks
-being there when you got yourt blue pick up, and red 4 runner
-you being there when we got my mazda camaro
-buying my very first car off you
-my capri dying, you were there
-living with you for that short amount of time
you living at my moms
-island adventures.. quadding, dirtbiking, snowmobiling
-night elves.. druids.. dickin around.. no quest helper LOL
-How you always listen to me when im sad and i need to talk.. even before we were together you were always there for me and never gave me a reason not to trust you
-You are like a good dream, ever since we met at the councellors office W@ L.A. Matheson . wish i remembered that moment better\111

-bmxing. pokemon. collectables. trampoline
beyblade top things. videogames.
That time we did it by a river ROFL. we need a blue oldskool car.

Soon: Australia, skydiving, hunting, finding different beaches. we need more photos together too.
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Sunny days [Apr. 25th, 2010|01:31 pm]
So my Katimavik gorup has all split up and is billeting right now. each of us went to live with a different family for 10 days.

Im living with Jesz with an awesome family in a hgue house, the have a hot tub and its like the nicest part of town.

its been so hot here lately and ive been writing letters.

More later\111 ive just been so busy
i miss curt a lot
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(no subject) [Apr. 17th, 2010|10:30 pm]
Today we volunteered at a ball hockey tournament, we helped set up the rink and Referee'd them and shit. We got free breakfast. Although waking up at 5:30 AM on a Saturday sucked.

Tomorrow is Zach's birthday I think he will like his present. Candy and a gift certificate to bulk barn. And ppl made him a cheesecake i think. I got woken up from my nap by multiple smoke detectors going off, LOL, ah the beauty of the people i live with.

There's a burn on my hand that I got, from putting bread in the oven and burning my hand on the oven. It's been a few days and I kind of didnt clean it very well,and its super infected and red and pussing and swollen. So i got a doctor to look at it and I have to take antibiotics and topical ointment for the infection so it doesnt spread to my heart. I'm glad tey didn't have to saw my hand off. GANGRENE! also they had to give me pills just in case I got a yeast infection from the antibiotics. Also the antibiotics make me feel sick, especially when i eat, but i'm glad that i got them before the infection got too bad. it wasn't horrible or anything but an ambulance lady who was giving me a bandaid and polysporin told me i should get it checked out just in case.

Jesz felt short of breath and like she couldn't break properly so the WHAMBAMBULANCE had to give her oxygen mask and she had to go to the hospital and turns out she has a lung infection. we're all malfunctioning LOL. we think she got it from all the dust at the Bush Plane Museum she works at. apparently its reallyyyyy bad and unhealthy there. It might be from this house too though, I wouldn't doubt there's mildew and shit. Who knows exactly what caused it.

I was so bored being house manager yesterday and Zach stayed home cuz he was feeling sick, so he cut up some of his ADHD medication in lines and I did fat lines of it. I kinda felt it but my nose hurts more than anything. Gotta love bored kids.

me and Jesz braced ourselves through the icy sleet and rain and wind, and walked all the way to the other side of town to see STRIPPERS! the only strip joint in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

People are playing piano really loud and shittily, and talking in french and I can't hear myself think so i shall go.

i wanna start writing letters but its hard to sit down and actually do it.

omg i made HOME MADE PIZZA yesterday! I made the dough from scratch! it was insane. the sauce and cheese and mushrooms, tomatoes, tomato sauce.. It turned out really well and im so proud!
We had a bike work shop yesterday. we learned how to fix a flat and learned about breaks and how bikes work. its complicated and i don't remember much. i was so tired but the dude Pat was really hilarious. He was like "Anymore questions?" And Jesz was like "Where do babies come from?" and he was all, "Walmart, aisle 7".
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(no subject) [Apr. 14th, 2010|03:13 pm]
the last few days were fun.

Checked out the college and went on an epic quest to find Harley! then we ventured into the woods and theres this little hut that Harley and his class made out of trees its really fucking sweet.

Me and Jimmy are House managers meaning we do all the chores while the others are at work: cleaning organizing mopping dishes yard work, and shit like that. Monday Trish took us shopping and we got such good food. our budget is like 500 bucks for the week for food.

me and Jimmy made Stir fry! it turned out pretty damn good.

then yesterday we had a themed dinner night and made burgers, i baked some burger buns out of scratch, and we made strawberry milk shakes and french fries by cutting potatos into strips and frying them in oil.
Everybody dressed 50s/60s/70s/80's oldskool and looked pretty damn hilarious.

Yesterday before dinner Jimmy and I explored town, we went to the mall and had Arby's and he had this address of this blood donor clinic cuz he wanted to give blood. So we went to the opposite end of town, i ended up seeing where Studio 10 was (strippers).yay. so we got to this building that seemed kinda boarded up and Jimmy had the balls to go to the side and knock. i was hiding but apparently this lady told him he had the wrong address. turns out the Red cross shit only comes like once a month. but it was still a fun walk. it was very sunny. we went to the ymca to visit Jimmys work and i talked to the dudes there and they were very hilarious.

then visited Alison at United Way. apparently shes a secretary there and its boring as hell.

We are going to Studio 10 to see titties and have drinks this friday. also me and Jesz wanna go check out the adult store for lulz.

Sunday is Zach's birthday and hes gonna get crunk and Im going to make him a strawberry cheesecake. we might get him a gift certificate to Bulk Barn (candies and shit) /

so im enjoying my week off of work being the house bitch! We're listening to "techno" and cleaning like speed heads.

i keep making brownies MMMmmm!

heres pics:




They do more justice , im bad at explanations
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