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Lessee. Been a bit stressed lately and unfortunately letting it… - VEN [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 24th, 2011|03:58 pm]
Lessee. Been a bit stressed lately and unfortunately letting it affect my attitude. I also think it is the weather change. The sun sets at like 730 these days and it has been cold , totally autumn feeling officially. Today it was pretty hot and sunny , about 23 degrees! But basically it has been rainy and muggy and I have been in an odd feel-like-doing-shit-al type mood.
Longboarded yesterday, made some epic "sauce n cake" - caramel with apple chunks. I almost like it better than the chocolate one.
Jailbroke my iPod and been playing Zombieville USA. And I gOt shaweet layouts and backgrounds and apps. Unfortunately my auxillAry jack input thing keeps cutting out so I'm going to have to restore t and exchange it again. About the fifth time that's happened.
Got a bladder infection a couple days ago and I think the antibiotics made me feel funky.
We found a motherfucking deep fryer at value village; the same one steev used to have ages ago. This deepfryer seemed pretty much brand new. Not bad for 20 bucks.
I wantto go Longboard in some parkades again. Steev lost the only key to my Volkswagen so he had to take one of my locks apArt and we shall take to the locksmith on Monday.
I'm starting cooking classes October 5th. Every Wednesday 630pm to 9 pm for like 5 weeks. The course was 585 bux; my union has a bbursary and I'm getting $400 of that paid for, so I only gotta pay for 185. Good thing is that it falls on my day off so it is perfect and won't interfere with my work. On the bright side I am getting more comfortable with cooking. One of the guys at the recovery house that I work at said that the roast that I made was the best one he's had in like 10 years.
My good friend Jesz visited Vancouver from Regina and I got to hang out with her for a night. Me her Arlene James and she got to meet steev which I am stoked about because they got along.
Jesz is moving to Vancouver and she's already got an apartment she's renting with the help of a friend of hers who went and looked at it for her before she came to van. We had a gathering at her place and drank lots of tea.
So on September 27 I am flying to Regina and I am helping her load all of her stuff in a u haul and we are going on a road trip and driving all her stuff to Vancouver. I am so excited! I've never driven so far before. It is like an 18 hour drive or something.
I got new shoes, they are awesome. Osiris