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Shambhala 2011 [Aug. 8th, 2011|07:34 am]
Datsik, Samples, Excision, Ill Gates, Glitchy And Scratchy, Mat The Alien, Subvert, Dub FX, Bassnectar, and Skrillex! Shambhala 2011 = yes

Shambhala road trip. Aug 2 2011. 10 am. So now is the moment which maus and I embark on our epic journey to salmo, British Columbia. The sun is blazing already and we've got the t roof tops down on his Nissan pulsar. We are officially semi-hobos for a week. We did some last minute grocery shopping and withdrew some money for the early bird admission fee. It is cramped in here; I am sitting cross legged with a pillow in front of me. One more stop before we are on the road for good : visiting mauses mom to say goodbye. 
I wanted to make sure I got a very sound sleep the night before, but that didn't happen. I also made sure we didn't forget our shamhala tickets. Steev was awesome and picked me up from my house, we spent the night at his place, then he dropped me off at mauses in the morning before he went to work. This week is going to SUCK without him.
On the bright side I have been looking forward to this trip all year. I am uber stoked to go with maus this year too. EvenuLly I am thinking Burning man next year. Skrillex is fucking going to be there!
The t roof tops are packed under everything but we have a tarp to put over the car tonight if it rains. We are going to sleep in the car ( somehow) or on the hood or on the ground, at the gates   because they don't open them until tomorrow morning. Ended up making that pit stop at mauses parents new place that they moved in. It started drizzling which I worried about but maus said it'll pass soon. He was right. 
We got to hear murrays rants about how the system is so corrupt, legal loopholes, etc. Definitely always gives me a lot to think about. Afterwards they proceeded to give us a tour of the new place.
The house was very roomy older building, with a lot of land and buildings/sheds/barns. So much space to do projects, work on cars, etc. One of the upstairs ppl are gunna turn one of the sheds into a work out space. They are going to get chickens too! There are oldskool pigpens and even an old barrel that seems relatively intact. There is a huge unkempt garden which will be redone, as well as a pond and a creek. The only downfall is it is in the middle of assfuck nowhere. Boonies! 
6:00 pm we are in Osoyoos now and we stopped at a mcdonalds for grub. and free wifi. We are seeing so many hippies in these small towns. Dreads, neutral colors. We are not much better, although throw some obnoxious fluorescent colors into the mix. I get such a kick out of the funny looks we are getting from the small town folk tho. I am excited for all therandom stuff we are going to put in our dreads. We brougt floatation devices for the river too! We also put an Awesomeface.jpeg flag and pirate flag on the nissan. Got compliments on our hair from a quebecer that was road tripping. Read snuff by chuck palahniuk. Listened to prodigy, datsik, excision, and deltron 3030. I love that Run with The Wolves song on the Invaders Must Die album. Also went through spme of the the jay and silent bob podcast on the way. It just got super warm and beautiful out; blue skies all around. Almost used all of our sunscreen already lol. Kootany mountainside is seriously a glorious sight. 
Maus said he reckons we are some of the most obvious looking shambhala-attendees on the road. People drive by us and yell SHAMBHALAaaaaa!
8:30 pm we just left Grand Forks (epic utensils ) and we are on our way to Castlegar. there were deer EVERYWHERE in the last town, in peoples yards and stuff. I saw like 20. we saw the aftermath of a baby deer that got hit by a car. And a roadkill skunk. We stopped for more sunscreen and candy and ran into some more sham peoples who told us we will see them at the gates and gave us some info about staying outside of the gates before they open them at 8am tomorrow. The sham people had a van and they were selling feather earrings! We blasted skrillex, skindred, polysics, deadmau5. 
10:30 omg omg omg we are in the shambhala line up. We ran into our van friends and they are right behind us blasting trippy music. I am so excited for the bass and the stars are ridiculously prominent in these skies. I am getting antsy!! But we made it. And we made it in one go. Hooray for roughing it. Hotels are overpriced to shit. 
4:54 am I officially hate psytrance because that is the genre that the dj was spinning for majority of the night while we were trying to sleep. Thank fuck for earplugs. It is super chilly with the t tops still not intact, but I have a fuzzy blanket and a big hoodie so I am sufficing. People were dancing on top of their vehicles. Really blown speakers playing that sex and candy song = nostalgic. Maus and I are listening to all of the snippets of stupid commentary and high conversations. 3 more hours! 

12:30 noon august 3.  We are currently waiting in line to actually get in, although the car already got searched. I am chilling, actually no I lied; quite the opposite of chilling ~ in the Nissan with a tarp over it for shade and one of those tiny hand held battery operated fans. We are in row four. I got a pretty good sleep despite being semi curled up and weirdly contorted in the car. I bought a peacock feather earring from the feather van people. It is sweltering and all I can think of is how refreshing the river is going to be after we finally set up camp. I saw the most beat up rusty geo metro convertible and I told the driver I loved his car. It was a similar faded yellow color to steevs crx and it made me super happy.
1:00 pm on the way back from the washroom I look down and find a baggy with some ketamine in it. I gave it to maus, dont trust myself with it lol.
August 6 1230 pm
We went to the drug testing booth and got the k tested. Turned out t was mostly k with a possibility of a little bit of speed. I heard VENESSA being yelled at our campground dome set up, but I didn't think it was for me because nobody ever cals me that. Turns out it was Gina Matt and Gidget in their blue bus! They made it. They gave me a tour of the bus, which they are going to call "the pig". They picked up some rand hitchhikers along the way. They had already dropped them off though. I did end up meeting a girl named Jacklyn whom I call Jack for short. I watched everybody do lines of blow. 
We bumped into Matt and Gina later on that day; they stopped by the dome and they were high on acid and we talked. Two more people hey knew walked by the dome so Gina said hey and they came and chilled for a bit.
We decided to check out the other dome. Some guy saw us putting up our dome and he said they had one of those too and we should swing by and visit. So we did and it's epic: it's structural steel so it's extremely solid, and there is a top level near the top constructed out of rope . A rope ladder leads up to it and it has another 8 hammocks hung up in it and two swingy hammock chairs. I was chilling in a dome with new people I met and Matt and Gina and maus swinging in a chair swing. We chilled on top of the dome for a bit too. 
Being around my friends who were high on acid was making me giddy.
I experienced the awesomeness of checking out some of the stages last night. Mat the Alien at the Fractal Forest. Wow that blew me away. We danced our way into right by the speaker and the bass was so intense i could feel it on the hairs of my arms. My ears felt like they broke. There was a guy in an orange spandex suit with a super soaker shooting it into the crowd. He got bitched at by security shortly after. As did the people smoking joints while dancing on the speakers. 
I'll gates was pretty funky too, they did a mix of chefs chocolate salty balls song..
Finally, we bumped into jack and her friend Alex and when ill gates finished his set we booted it over to the Village. Jack and Alex and gidge and I all went together. Datsik fucking annihilated it. So damn good. I love seeing the crowds enthusiasm. Also the random beach balls being tosses around. Asian guy comes up to me with a big grin on his face and says "herro". 
12 noon august 7
Saw samples knight riders and excision last night. Totally just saw Datsik riding an ATv. I realized last night that I have a major advantage : I am not high as balls. We learned that if we keep our eyes peeled we can find stuf on the ground. A joint, soap, flip flops, a pin, a blanket, bandanna etc. It may not seem like much but when you are filthy as fuck, and they are charging 5 bux for soap and 5 bux for 5 mins of showering, these things are gold. I am chilling underneath this massive shady area . A bunch of people are napping here, some on blankets others on inflatable mattresses. It's so nice here, I feel a bit crazy from too much sun and it is too hot in the dome to sleep. I bought a Datsik sticker just now. And so far we've had smoothies, a chicken ranch wrap, and a donair. Their frozen yogurt is good too. 7 bux tho. I yearn for three things: electricity, wifi, and a normal mirror to do my make up with. I've been using mauses rear view mirror and harddrive disks as mirrors. I broke my sunglasses, boo. I found another pair though.

Just saw a "you're doing it wrong" shirt.
10:30 pm august 7.
In the glitchy and scratchy dance floor a random dude gave me a lollipop. There were people just handing out candy too.

Last night here. That 5 hour nap during the day was amazing. Bumped into Matt Gina and gidget (they knocked on the car window and said ThIS iS THE POLICE haha. Walking back to the car a person was yelling someones name trying to find them, then a bunch of people started yelling random names for the fuck of it. There is a ferris wheel here. We had one last feast as a group in the dome: grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta, tuna peppers and pesto on a pita, instant mashed potatos, juice and peanut butter covered crackers. And coffee made with milk powder and a shit ton of sugar packets we snagged from the coffee stand. Afterwards we (5 people) took down the dome and it only took 45 minutes. Ack I'm missing subvert but I need to piss and the line up for the porta-potties is massive. Maus decided to take a nap in the car because he was sleep deprived all day and we need energy for bassnectar skrillex flux pavilion dub fx and doctor p. I hope I bump into maus; he has my monster. :p
Such sick costumes here! Dhenebdbfjd
Get Datsik sticker and memory card and subwoofer off of maus.
We are hoping to leave at like 4am ish. We will see if we have enough energy. catching the last bit of subvert.
Someone said " you're the girl in the blue dome!" so amusing that she recogniZed me.
Bassnectar coming on/
Omg fungineers are on stage rapping while dub fx is beatboxing! Blowup doll in crowd being tossed around like a beach ball. People are sillystringing from the catwalk at The Village.
Skrillex was amazing.3 30 am Monday aug 8 . We figured we should leave now. Get a head start on going home. Vancouver here we come.
I'm going to miss the random people poking their heads in our dome home just to say hi and chit chat. I'm also going to miss the stars. And the epic bass. Power up the bass canon. Goodbye shambhala. See you again next year.

[User Picture]From: roboturtle
2011-08-10 10:40 pm (UTC)
ha, that sounds fantastic! if I ever go to another festival like that (my last was Lightning in a Bottle, this year, and it was kind of a let down, due to circumstances that were completely IN my control and I was just stupid about it :/) I want to do it sober, and have a cool set up like a dome or epic tent or something.
we found a baggy on the ground outside a port-o-potty at Lightning in a Bottle, containing a small capsule filled with white-ish powder and a small pressed pill that most people agreed was probably 2cb. It was a lot harder that we thought, trying to get rid of (sell) those random pills; we were walking around hustling "MYSTERY PILL! $30!!" and random prices. most people were smarter than we assumed and were like "uhh, you've got to be kidding" lol.
but yeah, great write up. I love your posts. I love how you include every little detail :D
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[User Picture]From: taimaifackinshu
2011-08-12 01:00 am (UTC)
Aw thank you! yeah the only reason i included every detail this time was because i had my ipod with me for some of it and would just type as i went along.. like in the tent or when i talked around.. or even during some sets! i just love being able to remember everything too.l i found when i did mdma i would not remember some parts of the night and that was really unsettling to me.
i hate when people have to tell me wat i did/said last ngiht type thing.

We should go to a festival together!!
HAHA mystery pill, too good, im surprised there wasnt a drug testing tent at that Lightening IN A Bottle festival!

Come to burning man, arent you pretty close to nevada?

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[User Picture]From: roboturtle
2011-08-12 06:14 am (UTC)
I know, right? I think the main drug-safety-awareness-testing thing in the US is called Dance Safe (I mean, I know that's it but I don't know if there are smaller ones, and they are only just now beginning to start chapters in more metropolitan areas) ... but yeah, I'm really surprised there wasn't anything like that there. I'm just assuming there's a Los Angeles chapter, but now that I think about it, it's more common in the midwest for some reason.
Duuuude, you're going to Burning Man? gahhh shut up. there's no way I could get out to the burn this year. I am pretty close to Nevada but unless someone can sneak me in or something, it's pretty much out of the question. That and, after just the few days camping at LIB that I barely survived, I kind of vowed to never do any (festival) thing like that again, haha. ANYWAY, if you're driving to Burning Man, stop by LA, jeez!
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